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The Alpha Foundation

Founded in 2009, the Alpha Foundation supports the development and upliftment of our communities through sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Singular Initiatives & Charitable Programs

We provide ad-hoc support to charitable programs by conducting a needs-based assessment at the time of donation. This is in partnership with our Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban offices who identify and spearhead Alpha Foundation-sponsored initiatives in their local communities.

Eyethu Mamello Community Development

Mamello is an informal settlement of over 4,000 people in Midvaal, Gauteng that we work
closely with. The community has limited resources and the basic needs of the vast majority
of residents are not being met.

To date the Foundation has funded and provided support for initiatives such as the
refurbishment of community structures and installation of electricity and free WIFI in the community; food parcels throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Secret Santa presents, a computer learning hub and financial support as needed.

In addition to providing immediate, needs-based support, the Foundation has developed
long-term objectives in partnership with Mamello residents, leading to the creation of the community led Eyethu Mamello (Our Mamello). The objectives of Eyethu Mamello are:

Sustainable development, Community upliftment, Creation of self-sustaining possibilities.

Meet with us

If you’d like to set up an introductory meeting, please get in touch with us.